Why we choose local and organic products

December 30, 2015

Our commitment to buying locally has many reasons from both an operational and philosophical points of view. We believe that by buying locally from vendors we can see, feel and touch we can create relationships that over time will result in a greater understanding of our mission statement to provide our guests with the highest quality ingredients. It is also a benefit to the local economy when we can source as much as possible from vedors and suppliers in our area and keep the circle of business contained. From a guest perspective you can be assured that we have taken the time and effort to ensure that everything we plate and compose here in the restaurant was done with purpose and a commitment to this principal. The end result we believe is worth the extra effort required and can be found in the taste and feel of our dishes. There may be less expensive options available and we understand that not all guests coorelate the ingredient componet of each dish but this is how we choose to present our restaurant to those who do and feel confident that we can sustain our philosophy and commitment over time

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